Zero waste period essentials

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Period essentials to cut down your trash. Did you know that in a women's lifetime sanitary pads and tampons contribute to 90 kg of trash and 60 kg of tampons in total?! Instead, you can use the menstrual cup, a sustainable alternative that is easy to use, better for our environment and cheaper than disposable items. This kit also includes reusable panty liners and sanitary pads. Wash them in the provided laundry bag.

Your essentials:

  • 3 panty liners
  • 3 sanitary pads
  • 1 laundry bag
  • 1 menstrual cup

It is important to choose your menstrual cup in the right size:

  • Mini is suited for teenagers or women that need a smaller size. Diameter: 37 mm, total height: 58 mm, capacity: 15 ml
  • Size A is suited for women that haven't given birth (vaginally). Diameter: 40 mm, total height: 65 mm, capacity: 25 ml 
  • Size B is suited for women that have given birth (vaginally). Diameter: 45 mm, total height: 70 mm, capacity: 30 ml

Pantyliners and sanitary napkins come in black or off-white. Look under product 'reusable sanitary pads' to choose a preferred closure: with our without snapping closures. Add this as your remarks when you're checking-out.

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