Zero waste kitchen essentials

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Starting your zero waste journey in the kitchen! These essentials are what you need:

  • 3 food huggers + 2 huggers for citrus: Food Huggers extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. They are also suitable to cover small containers. 
  • Bee's wax sandwich wrap: a beeswax cloth to wrap your sandwich on your way to school or work.
  • Scrubber and dish brush with replaceable head.
  • The silicone stretch lids are perfect to store your leftovers. You can stretch the lids on top of any container, the airtight seal will keep your food fresh longer. The lids can stretch up to 40% and are dishwasher safe. The set contains six lids in different sizes: 6,5 / 9,5 / 11,5 / 14,5 / 16,5 / 21 cm in diameter.
  • Stasher bag medium: a wonderful alternative to replace your plastic bags. You can use it for food or non-food products, some examples how to use it:
    • Freezer bag
    • Food storage
    • Carry snacks
    • Toiletry bag
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