Tongue scraper

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A tongue scraper is a great idea to finally tackle a bad breath. After eating, small food particles will remain on your tongue which attracts bacteria that may cause you a bad breath. With this tool you can scrape off any particles on your tongue. Start your day with a fresh clean tongue surface and never worry about a bad breath again!
Tongue hygiene is key to prevent cavities and inflamed gums. This stainless steel tongue scraper is a must to optimize your oral hygiene. 



Place the scraper in the middle of your tongue and pull it to the tip of your tongue. Rinse the tool with water and do it again, now for the complete tongue surface.

100% stainless steel: super durable, strong and easy to clean.

Available in 2 designs/sizes:

  • S: photo 2 => finer scraper with two handles.
  • L: photo 1 => wider scraper with a single handle
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