Reusable tampons

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These reusable tampons work exactly as disposable ones. They are made of 100% organic cotton and are free from harmful chemicals. Easy to use and available in different sizes. 



Mini - light cycle
Regular - standard cycle
Heavy - heavy cycle

Roll the cloth into a tampon and insert like a regular tampon. After use it is recommended to soak the tampon in cold water to easily remove bloodstains.

Just like regular tampons, these 100% organic tampons can cause toxic shock syndrome. Use them with care and replace them regularly. 



Before you start your period, boil the tampon cloths for about 10 minutes to start your cycle off clean. Wash the cloth tampons after use in a laundry bag on 30°C or 60°C in a separate laundry bag. Laundry softener is discouraged as it can interfere with your intimate hygiene. 

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