Natural toothpaste

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This is a mineral-rich natural toothpaste, free from sodium lauryl sulfate. The toothpaste comes in a glass container, another plastic free solution for your daily oral hygiene.

Did you know:
SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) can irritate your oral mucosa and cause mouth sores? SLS is a common foaming agent in toothpaste. As consumers we have gotten so used to foaming toothpaste that we now believe it is required to work efficiently, but that's a myth! Toothpaste without the addition of SLS is just as effective and promotes your oral hygiene. 



With the provided bamboo stick, scoop up about a pea-sized serving of toothpaste. Wet your toothbrush and add the toothpaste. After use, clean and dry the bamboo stick. The glass container is recyclable and comes with an aluminum lid. 
60 ml: 4 weeks for 2 brushes per day.

Flavors: spearmint/orange/activated charcoal


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