Interdental brushes

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These interdental brushes are an eco-friendly addition to your daily oral hygiene. It will clean between your teeth, where a regular toothbrush does not reach. Brushes available in different sizes:

Size 0 - extra small - 0,40 mm
Size 1 - small - 0,45 mm
Size 2 - medium - 0,50 mm
Size 3 - large - 0,60 mm



Carefully push the brush in between two teeth. Move the brush horizontally front to back, or move the brush diagonally switching sides as you move. Use the brushes without any tooth paste and ideally once a day before brushing your teeth. The brush can be cleaned under running water. Replace your brush after 7 - 14 days.



Handle 100% bamboo, metal wire and BPA-free nylon. 

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