Hand lotion

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This hand lotion olive regenerates dry, chapped hands and gives them suppleness. The rich cream gives you long-lasting moisture and protects you against premature skin aging. Easy to apply and quickly absorbed. With fair trade olive oil from Palestine.



  • 50ml
  • glass jar


Ingrediënten: Aqua, Glycerylstearaat SE, Olea Europaea Olie (Olijfolie*), Vitis Vinifera Zaadolie, Cetearylalcohol, Glycerine, Betaïne, Tapiocazetmeel, Kaliumsorbaat, Natriumbenzoaat, Xanthaangom, Parfum, Citroenzuur, Tocoferol, Limoneen, Linalool, geraniol, citronellol

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